Saudi writer: Israel deserves respect

Published January 18th, 2011 - 01:10 GMT
Israeli PM
Israeli PM

A Saudi writer on Tuesday said that "Israel is a country that deserves respect," adding that it is "better than all the Arab and Muslim countries" in relation to democracy. The author, Fahd Amer Ahmadi, wrote in his column on the Saudi Al –Riyadh newspaper, an article under the title "Unfortunately, Israel is a country that deserves respect." And he added: "This is the painful truth, gentlemen ... You can dispute me how much you like ..But this truth is established by comparing the the figures in an objective way." 


Ahmadi went on to say: "Israel is better than all the Arab and Muslim countries with regard to democracy and political integrity (evidenced by the annual studies issued by various global organizations). Ahmadi also gave some examples to back his claims, mentioning the deduction of car installments from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's monthly salary, or the trial of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert over US$150,000 he received as "donations", while he served as the mayor of Jerusalem. 


The Saudi writer continued: "Today Israel is in the third place globally in terms of arms exports and in the 1st place in the world in the production of drones. "It is also the smallest country in the worls that can produce tanks and fighter planes, and the fifth state in terms of possessing nuclear bombs."

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