Tunisia situation deteriorates

Published January 9th, 2011 - 10:38 GMT
Tunisia unrest
Tunisia unrest

At least nine people died in clashes with police in a two cities in Tunisia. According to press reports, six people died in the city of Tala, 200km southwest of the capital Tunis, on Saturday, after security forces opened fire on protestors. Another three people were killed in similar events in the Kasserine region.

Six protestors in Tala were seriously wounded, according to witnesses.

According to AFP, eyewitnesses in Tala said police started to fire after using water cannons to try to disperse a crowd which had set fire to a government building. The crowd has also thrown stones and petrol bombs at police.

On Saturday, soldiers were deployed to the area for the first time since the start of the recent wave of unrest over high levels of unemployment.

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