Yemeni lawmakers demand the resignation of the government

Published May 22nd, 2014 - 08:45 GMT

Lawmakers in Yemen have demanded the resignation of the country’s government following months of nationwide protests, arguing that the reconciliation government has failed to resolve major issues fueling public anger, Press TV reports.

Yemeni Parliament Speaker Yahya Ali Al-Raee explicitly called on Wednesday for the resignation of the government at the presence of the country’s Prime Minister Mohamed Salim Basindwa, accusing it of being a malevolent organization full of corrupt officials.

One Yemeni lawmaker even warned that a new revolution could be on the way if the government failed to improve the lives of the people.

“The people expect the parliament and the government to provide them with solutions or else a new revolution will soon erupt,” said Yemeni MP Mansour al-Zandani.

Prime Minister Basindwa was heavily criticized by a number of parliament members who accused him of dishonesty and failure to fulfill duties.

“I advise the prime minister to resign now in an honorable fashion so that his career does not end in a poor and shameful manner,” said another Yemeni lawmaker Mohammed Saleh.

The prime minister, however, strongly rejected any involvement in corruption, challenging his accusers to prove the allegations brought against him.

“I hear many claims that I am involved in corruption,” said Basindwa. “If this is the case, then prove to me what corruption I am involved in; then I will hand myself to the prosecutor general.”

The reconciliation government of Yemen was formed in 2011 in Saudi Arabia after former ruler Ali Abdullah Saleh was forced to hand over power to his vice-president, following months of demonstrations calling for Saleh’s downfall.

Although Saleh was ousted from power, his former ruling party the General People’s Congress still makes up 50 percent of the current transitional government.

Despite heavy criticism from some lawmakers and the public, it is very likely that the structure of the transitional government will remain intact until the power transition phase is completed.

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