Yemen: Transitional council set up as Saleh to return "soon"

Published July 16th, 2011 - 03:47 GMT

Yemeni protesters set up a transitional council of opposition figures on Saturday to lead attempts to oust injured President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Youth groups told a news conference that the 17 member council would include former Yemeni President Ali Nasser Mohammed and leaders of several opposition groups, including exiles.

According to Reuters, they named General Abdullah Ali Aleiwa, a former defense minister, as their choice for armed forces commander. The council "is charged with leading the country during a transition period not to exceed nine months and with forming a government of technocrats," Tawakul Karman, one of the leaders of the protest movement against Saleh, conveyed.

Meanwhile, Deputy Information Minister Abdo al-Janadi said Saturday Saleh would return home "soon." "The president is in good health. He will return to Yemen soon, but is awaiting the decision of his doctors," Janadi was quoted as saying by AFP.




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