Bibi tips the balance

Published March 19th, 2015 - 01:55 GMT

As Netanyahu wins, the U.S. disengages

Benjamin Netanyahu’s victory in Israel’s general elections means that any hope of serious negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians – never particularly high in the first place – is now virtually nil.  But more uncertain, and interesting, is what it will do to relations between the United States and Israel.

Source: Michael Young for the Daily Star


The challenges of mobilizing Sunni tribes in Iraq

The United States is pressing the Iraqi parliament to ratify the creation of a National Guard Force in all Iraqi provinces, which would involve Sunni tribes in the international effort to confront the Islamic State. The goal is to get Sunni tribesmen in west and northwest Iraq to agree to work under the leadership of the National Guard as part of a unifying framework to merge the predominately Shia Popular Mobilization Forces—which include fighters from the Badr Organization, Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq, and other militias, along with new volunteer fighters answering Ali al-Sistani’s fatwa last June to pursue defensive jihad—with members of Sunni tribes that are still fighting the Islamic State. 

Source: Sada


Wife of a former world champion speaks out in Bahrain: ‘He was arrested for buying cigarettes and milk’

For one young mother from Bahrain, the previous four years have been one long nightmare with no end in sight. One day, her husband ventured off to buy cigarettes and milk. The next, he is serving a 15-year sentence on what she describes as trumped up charges. And she is not alone. Hundreds of families across the country have been living this recurring nightmare since pro-democracy protests, inspired by the so-called Arab Spring, erupted in the country.

Source: Global Voices

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