The 'imaginary emigrants' of Iran

Published October 15th, 2015 - 04:10 GMT
Iranian women look out towards the water on the beach of the Caspian Sea.  (AFP/File)
Iranian women look out towards the water on the beach of the Caspian Sea. (AFP/File)

Mental emigration 

In the late 1930s, when most Germans were intoxicated with the Nazis,  there was a small minority of educated dissenters who felt powerless and intimidated. But rather than engage with the twisted values of Hitler’s regime, they retreated. They could have taken on Hitler’s main intellectual apologist, the philosopher Martin Heidegger. Instead they withdrew from public discourse. An article I read recently coined an excellent term for their reaction: “mental emigration”.

I see the same phenomenon here in Iran.

Every holiday weekend, the educated and the well-to-do fill their cars with bootleg liquor and drive out of Tehran to seclusion and luxury in their villas on the Caspian Sea.

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Black, Palestinian activists affirm solidarity in new video  

More than 60 leading Black and Palestinian artists and activists are featured in a new video highlighting challenges that both communities are confronting, including militarized policing and the prison industry. The video features Ms. Lauryn Hill, Danny Glover, Cornel West, Angela Davis, Alice Walker, Sapphire, LisaGay Hamilton, the Baha Men, Dream Defenders Co-Founder Ahmad Abuznaid, Yousef Erakat (fouseyTUBE), and others holding up signs such as “Gaza Stands With Ferguson” and “They choked me on video. I said I couldn’t breathe,” referencing the murder of Eric Garner in July 2014. It comes on the heels of an 19 August 2015 statement signed by more than 1,100 Black activists, artists, scholars, students and organizations that calls for “solidarity with the Palestinian struggle” as well as a boycott of private prison company G4S and other corporations profiting from Israeli occupation.

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'Homeland is racist': graffiti artists 'bomb' award-winning TV show  


Three street artists took a stab at the American TV-series Homeland when they were hired to paint ‘Arab graffiti’ on a film set for the show. Instead, they ‘bombed’ the show, writing slogans dissing the award-winning series. Nobody noticed and the episode was aired with the graffiti in full view.


Homeland is about a female CIA officer with bipolar disorder who is sent to hunt down terrorists across the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. The show is currently in its fifth season, which is set in Berlin. It has received several prestigious awards and is watched by millions of viewers every week.

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