Syrian conflict four years on

Published March 15th, 2015 - 05:44 GMT

Syria’s woes reflect wider Arab troubles 

Syria’s bloody conflict is the result of dangerous trends that are evident throughout the Arab world.  From rule by a small elite, such as Assad’s Alawite sect, to security states preventing the natural development of civil society, social stability in the region skates on thin ice.  Unfortunately for Syria, it could be years before authorities establish a more organic order based around a legitimate social contract amongst citizens.

 Source: Rami G. Khouri for the Daily Star


Gulf human rights defenders the United States forgot 

Journalists and peaceful activists in the Gulf region are often the targets of harassment, imprisonment, and even torture.  While the U.S. speaks out against the persecution of human rights defenders around the world, it very often overlooks the plight of such workers in the Gulf.  This may not be coincidence, as Western arms imports in Gulf countries are amongst the highest in the world.  Does money speak louder than dissent in the Gulf? 

Source: Muftah


Baghdad fashion show: “The most important message we send to the world is that Iraq is still alive”

 A precarious security situation and growing religious conservatism in recent years have prevented Baghdad’s fashion designers from showcasing their work.  Models and designers Friday harkened back to the lively Baghdad of the 1980’s, participating in a rare fashion show.  An artistic act of defiance, the event made a point that life goes on in conflict-ridden Iraq.

Source: Your Middle East

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