War games

Published September 30th, 2015 - 03:33 GMT
A boy plays with his toy gun at a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley.  (AFP/Matthieu Alexandre)
A boy plays with his toy gun at a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley. (AFP/Matthieu Alexandre)

Toys of war  

War and toys are hardly the best companions, yet toyshops are full with plastic rifles and miniature soldiers. In his on-going project War-Toys, photographer Brian McCarty uses toys to tell stories and recreate memories from children living in conflict zones. He has met children in Israel, Palestine and, most recently, Lebanon, where he worked with art therapist Myra Saad. Here’s a conversation with both of them.

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Afro-Iran: the unknown minority  

The photographic series of German-born Iranian Mahdi Ehsaei shows a side of Iran, which is unknown by even Iranians. A trip to a place which is inhabited and dominated by the descendants of enslaved people and traders from Africa.

The Hormozgan province in the Persian Gulf is a traditional and historical region with a diverse and unexplored population. It is framed with unique landscapes and people with profound personalities. Iranians, who still have African blood in them and continue their African heritage with their clothing style, their music, their dance and their oral traditions and rituals.

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Journalist's hunger strike exposes Morocco's deteriorating press freedom  

Last Thursday, September 17th, Moroccan historian and journalist Maati Monjib launched a hunger strike after he was banned from leaving the country the previous day. Monjib’s travel ban stems from an ongoing investigation by the Moroccan government, which has accused him of damaging Morocco’s image and reputation. The investigation into Monjib’s activities is only the latest example of government efforts to silence critics in a year that has been punctuated by harsh state crackdowns and arbitrary charges against journalists and free press activists.

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