Al Hawas disappointed with the drama Cleopatra

Published August 23rd, 2010 - 06:19 GMT
Sulaf in the role of Cleopatra
Sulaf in the role of Cleopatra

Dr. Zahi Hawas, Attorney General of the Higher Council of Archeology in Egypt, stated that he was not impressed with the drama series “Cleopatra” since he read the script for it because it contained incorrect facts that cannot be overlooked. He added that he considered the drama the worst historical drama he has ever seen in his life.


Al Hawas said that after watching the first few episodes he was shocked because of the bad image Cleopatra was presented in stressing that it does not resemble her in any way. He added that the wardrobe used in the drama is does not resemble that of the Pharos and none of the actors were able to be convincing in the roles they played.

In addition, the drama is presented in formal Arabic, where it would have been a better idea to present it in the Egyptian dialect, like all other historical Egyptian dramas in order to reach the hearts of viewers. The drama stars prominent Syrian actress Sulaf Foukharji.


Al Hawas decided to stop watching the drama after the third episodes stating that it is not worth wasting his time on. Al Hawas revealed that the only positive point about the drama was the nominated of Sulaf for the role of Cleopatra stating that she has a beautiful face that resembles the great Egyptian queen.


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