Jordanians nab awards for yellow cab movie "The Last Friday"

Published April 20th, 2012 - 12:06 GMT
The Last Friday scores film awards for the Jordanian movie
The Last Friday scores film awards for the Jordanian movie

The Jordanian home-coming, sees the Jordanian stars behind this Jordan hit film 'The Last Friday' return to Amman for celebrations of  their award-winning-streak, that landed them an impressive cornucopia of film awards.

The makers of Jordanian movie "The Last Friday" returned from Switzerland with a new feather in their cap of film awards already accrued from Arab and International film festivals alike. It is the first Jordanian movie to participate in the Forum section of the '62nd Berlin International Film Festival.'

The Last Friday received the Special Jury award from the Fribourg Film Festival in Switzerland. (The Fribourg International Film Festival, shortahand, FIFF 2012). The film clocked up an estimated 10,000 Swiss Francs, qualifying it as the most influential Arab and Jordanian film to top the list of international film festivals of 2011-2012.

The movie received great acclaim at the Dubai International Film Festival, winning three awards including the Special Jury award, best actor for Ali Suleiman, (Paradise Now and The Lemon Tree) the fast-turned hot talent of the Arab acting circuit, and best music which was composed by Le Trio Joubran.

The movie had previously notched up four awards in the San Sebastian Film Festival, in its Cinema in Motion category. The film is also due to participate in the German Film Festival for Arab films, as well as, the Seattle Film Festivals, within the period May 17th - June 10th.

'The Last Friday' was scripted and directed by Yehya Al Abdullah, the Palestinian Jordanian filmmaker and literary critic with several short films under his belt. 

It tells the story of the down-and-out driver in Amman who at 40, a divorced father, Yousef finds himself grasping for a life slowly slipping from under him when he suddenly has to go through surgery in the tight space of four days. He can't afford to pay for this critical surgery, and is so- forced to reconnected with his estranged family. All at once, he must deal with his 14 year-old son Emad, who is a neglected teen, traumatized by his parent's divorce, as well as the mother and his own ex- wife, Dallal, who left him when he lost all of his money.


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