Amr Diab's golden collection

Amr Diab's golden collection
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Published September 20th, 2010 - 07:03 GMT

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EMI Music Arabia is proud to announce the new brand GOLD COLLECTION SERIES, which will be known for retrieving GOLDEN classic recordings with value add and making them available for fans.


“Nour El Ain, Aktar Wahad and Allem Alby” by Amr Diab are noted by fans  as some of Amr Diab’s greatest released albums,  subsequently we have  now made all 3 albums available with a special 3 CD digipack packaging, all at a very special price.  

This is great value, excellent packaging plus 2 CD’s and reduced price with a the third CD free.


Album HIGHLIGHT “Nour el ain” originally released in 1996 is regarded as the recording classic that catapulted Amr’s career into superstardom and resulted in breaking him internationally. Furthermore, the album won the prestigious world music award.

Amr Diab “The king of Arabic POP” needs no introduction; he is simply a living ICON, releasing albums since 1983.



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