Beirut Biloma greatest hits

Published August 14th, 2010 - 07:33 GMT

It all started towards the end of the second millennium in 1999 that a new sound was born in Beirut, influenced by international dance music. It was “Mazaj” by Omeima remixed by Beirut Biloma AKA Mohammed Kebbe that was the spark. “Mazaj” became the millennium anthem for the Beirut clubs DJs and was to later be the platform inspiring and influencing a new genre and generation of dance acts. “

In 2000 Beirut Biloma composed and produced the enigmatic dance anthem “Drive me to Beirut”, which was to be released on independent mixes in Beirut under the name Biloma. The name was inspired by Mohamad’s two sons: Bilal and Omar. This single was to be the highest new entry in Beirut’s Radio One, reaching number 2 in the radio’s Top 20 charts. The single was later to find its way on the internationally successful compilation “ARABIANights Club & Chillout Classics” and released by EMI Music In 2002.

The result of the hit track led to a consolidation and development of ideas and projects, into a rebirth of what was to be an umbrella project whose name was now extended to be Beirut Biloma. Beirut was added to the name to give it a stronger twist as well as be relevant to the projects/talents which were mainly born in Beirut.

The rest is history, and beirutbiloma certainly turned some heads in the music world in more ways than described, the huge success of his albums and talent resulted in beirutbiloma producing singles from some the regions and the world biggest Artists including Latin sensation Shakira, English diva Sarah Brightman, Latin superstar Ricky Martin, Iraqi legend Kadim Al Sahir, and Rai legend Cheb Mami just to name a few.

The Beirut based electronica/acoustic/Arabic music fusion collective project is back for 2010 with a definitive greatest dance hits album. Beirutbiloma has many highlights from its illustrious career, 5 studio albums and numerous dance floor hits.

2008 saw the massive success and summer hit of “I wanna dance in Beirut”, which was backed up with a cutting edge video. This was the much raved upon track!

Greatest Dance Hits is a collection of the finest tracks from beirutbiloma over the past decade. It’s a celebration of a collection of the great music that has pumped out and produced out of Beirut and as made an imprint in the world.

This definitive collection includes some unreleased bonus tracks featuring a HOT brand new remix of “I wanna dance in Beirut” from legendary DJ/ Producer Said Mrad and DJ C-Rouge. In addition there is a non stop medley of beirutbiloma, by DJ Lello as well as Beirut ya hayati featuring Mazen Sukkarieh. This mix is perfect and a real treat to beirutbiloma fans, Therefore; play it loud and enjoy the up-tempo and dance-floor cutting edge beats. We will most certainly see tunes from this album belted across the dancefloors around the globe.

Beirutbiloma is all about an eclectic mixture of genres and styles and a reference in modern Arabic music.

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