Youssef AL Omanai releases awaited master-piece ‘Jalsa’

Youssef AL Omanai releases awaited master-piece ‘Jalsa’
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Published October 25th, 2010 - 23:26 GMT

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Jalsa album cover
Jalsa album cover
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EMI Music Arabia is delighted to announce the highly anticipated and exciting new release album “Jalsa” by Youssef Al Omani.


Youssef Al Omani is one of the most famous and best selling Khaleeji artists of today.

“For the record” 2010 has been a hugely successful year for Yousef, including signing with EMI Music and reaching GOLD status (outstanding sales) for his album Al Omani 2010, released early this year.


The accolades just don’t stop there… since he is also known for being the writer and producer of some of Khaleeji’s biggest hits for some of the biggest stars. He was the man behind many hits including Miami’s “Soukar Ziada” and “Abad’ai Rabi”, Turki – “Aghla Hadiah”  


Since his 1st release in the year 2000 titled “Khbarna”, Youssef has been moving ahead in giant leaps, from success to success with his music and he has now firmly reached superstar status in the GCC.


Now about the NEW album Jalsa…


This season, we bring to you the release of the highly anticipated new album “Jalsa” (Music Jam sessions) from Youssef with 11 surprising tracks.


Jalsa is a Killer return for Yousef, presenting the multi talented Yousef in the very popular Jalsa arena.


Within this album you will witness Yousef truly at his best and improvising. This is truly an amazing album for all khaleegi music lovers and a must for Al Omani fans


This is a great return at the right time with the season getting back to action and Yousef at the heights of success.


A huge promo buzz will be created around this release and this album is sure to become an all time classic gem!


Jalsa- Al Omani at his best!


Track listing:


Qoul Leman

Ash Lon

Ya Mohamed

Ya Gheda

Walla Dawar Ya Zaman

Ma’alesh Ya Donia

Ma Sadeg


La Tesalem

Kather Mn El Aanah

Hala Bel Metesaly

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