«Derayah» Launches the First Unified trading platform

«Derayah» Launches the First Unified trading platform
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Published October 18th, 2010 - 08:15 GMT

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Derayah Financial, the first investment supermarket in the Middle East, has launched the first unified equity trading platform that allows investors in the Middle East to trade in the same day across the most important local, regional and international financial markets in the same day, through a single platform and using a single cash account.

The new electronic trading service currently covers the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul), Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, and Dubai Financial Market, and will be available for all investors with no minimum cost or charges for opening an account. The service will also be offered through a single site and cash account, which means that the investors will have the opportunity to trade in all of these markets on the same day.

The new electronic trading platform developed exclusively by Derayah will allow investors, for the first time, to open a single account to trade in the Saudi Stock Exchange and a number of other markets, with no need to transfer money from one account to another, a process that usually takes several days and results in missed opportunities. With the new platform, the investor will be able to trade in different financial markets in the same day, through one site using one cash amount in one currency.

Before launching Derayah's multi-market trading platform, investors had to face difficulties trading online in markets abroad either due to requirements of traveling abroad to open accounts or due to high minimum amount in their accounts required by other service providers.

On this occasion, Mohammad El-Kuwaiz, Managing Director of Derayah, stated: "Since our establishment, our main mission was to allow investors to control their financial destiny on their own, by unifying the wide world of investment options and presenting them to the investor through a single website and from one account. We started by unifying the world of mutual funds, to allow investors to invest in multiple funds that are managed by different investment companies through one account and one site. We are very proud to announce that we have now done the same for equity trading markets, whereby an investor can now trade across stock markets as if they were a single market. With this we can now say that we have brought the entire investment world under Derayah's roof, which allows our clients to invest in different funds from different managers and to trade in different financial markets from one place".

He further added: "The new electronic trading platform will be launched in three stages through our website www.derayah.com. The first stage aims to offer unified trading services in the Saudi Stock Exchange, Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange and Dubai Financial Market. Later this year, the second stage will be launched, which offers the service of unified electronic trading to investors in the US capital markets. The third stage is where the remaining regional and Gulf capital markets will be added".

Derayah Managing Director also highlighted that the launching of the unified electronic trading service followed the recent inauguration of a new research service entitled "Abhath Derayah" (Derayah's research), and includes comprehensive financial information and research. The website also unifies the financial data and research reports on all capital markets in the Gulf region and Egypt in one site, which allows investors to trade in these markets aided by the most up-to-date news, analysis, and research reports that are issued by multiple investment companies. 

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