‘Bellevue’ and USJ’s Faculty of Medicine Sign an Affiliation Agreement

Published July 19th, 2010 - 11:52 GMT

'Bellevue Medical Center (BMC)', represented by its Medical Director, Dr. Ghassan Maalouf, and 'Saint Joseph's University's (USJ)' 'Faculty of Medicine', represented by its Dean, Professor Fernand Dagher, in the presence of the university's Rector, Father Rene Chamussi, signed an affiliation agreement this evening turning it into an Academic Hospital, only a year after its opening.

The affiliation, contributing to three major frameworks, will provide medical students with an excellent facility to train at the hospital, will allow the exchange of scientific knowledge and experiences between both institutions, and will lead to innovative, long-term research initiatives and collaborations in support of the mission to execute scientific programs aimed at developing scientific research.

The signing ceremony gathered President of the Lebanese Order of Physicians Charaf Abu Charaf, Head of the Lebanese Private Hospital Owners Syndicate Suleiman Haroun, BMC's Chairman of the Board Elie Maalouf, in addition to a number of doctors and managers from BMC and professors and students from USJ's Faculty of Medicine, at the hospital's premises.

Commenting on the affiliation, Dr. Ghassan Maalouf said, "I am pleased to see that after only one year following the hospital's opening, we are joining efforts in developing an affiliation at such eminent levels. The signing of this agreement reflects the hospital's strong belief and its faith in the importance of advancing knowledge and medical research. Because of our strong belief that honest collaboration always results in positive outcomes, we have chosen this solid institution which we will be openly communicating with at different levels."

Dr. Maalouf expressed praise and confidence in 'this new partnership', considering it to be, "without any doubt a building block that will aid in providing the best medical service and keeping doctors up-to-date on the latest developments and scientific findings through a strong network across different specialties." On a different note, he advised medical students to 'keep up their spirit and persistency' and told them to 'enclose within themselves proper medical morals when dealing with patients. In our field of work, it is that what gives them the strongest sense of duty and achievement."

As for Professor Fernand Dagher, he stated that, "By signing such an affiliation agreement, we have opened up a wider learning platform for our students, enabling them to make use of every professional learning experience, from the outset of their medical education. We are proud to have collaborated with BMC and are highly confident that this partnership will mutually benefit students, researchers, and practitioners."

Professor Dagher also added, "The agreement signifies a collaborative relationship between both parties, in terms of educational, scientific and cultural aspects. It will also help in developing both sides by enhancing the academic growth and encouraging researchers' training, in addition to setting training programs and scientific studies and research to be executed by both students and educators. The institutional foundations governing USJ and BMC's culture aspires for them to reach outstanding hospitalization quality while maintaining a highly distinguished educational level." 

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