‘EAUnologie’ brings art of fine taste to Dubai Hosted by Evian & Badoit

Published March 24th, 2010 - 01:20 GMT

With his keen knowledge of beverages, and his exceptional good taste, master sommelier Dominique Laporte brought his unique skills to Dubai today, the 16th of March, to provide a novel experience to selected guests.

Presented by Evian natural mineral water and Badoit natural sparkling water, Laporte hosted EAUnologie, an event that was designed to expand guests’ enjoyment of mineral water by educating them on the subtleties of its taste and interaction with food.

Laporte is considered to be an expert in gastronomy and has worked with some of the biggest names in food and drink. Throughout his career he has won a raft of industry awards, including the celebrated Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Sommelier in France, his native country), and is currently preparing to compete in the Best Sommelier in the World competition.

During his presentation, the renowned sommelier explained that all waters are not the same. The three major points of difference are:
Origin: natural mineral waters are the only waters coming from a protected underground source whereas other waters come from open natural sources or even lakes, rivers…;
Treatment: natural mineral waters such as Evian are totally pure and do not need to be chemically treated to be drinkable;
Composition: natural mineral waters present a stable composition and are the only waters with the same amount of minerals in every bottle.

Laporte also described how each mineral water has its own unique character, which comes from the natural environment from its source. Mineral components give each water its special taste, such as calcium bringing sweetness, and magnesium giving a slightly metallic touch and an impression of firmness on the palate. Meanwhile, he outlined how sparkling waters can show differences of carbonation levels and bubble sizes, also changing their identity.


Describing the characteristics of Evian and Badoit natural mineral waters, Laporte explained: “Evian takes 15 years to filter through glacial sands, slowly acquiring a multitude of minerals in a highly balanced way. Its unique composition gives it a marvellous harmony of flavours, making Evian the reference in terms of taste. Its delicate, fresh and round taste is particularly pleasant. This is a water that can be consumed on a regular basis.

“Badoit is different. Badoit has fine and persistent bubbles that are particularly suited to livening up a meal in a very subtle way. The Badoit spring is located in a rift near Saint-Galmier, a very special region that is like no other. The soil is mainly made up of granite, which gives Badoit an incomparable freshness. Badoit natural mineral water is rich in bicarbonates and perfectly balanced in calcium and magnesium. This unique composition gives it a feeling of lightness, particularly due to the potential antacid effects of its bicarbonates. Its particular mineral composition and its fine bubbles make Badoit a source of unique sensations.”

Laporte also illustrated how one’s choice of still or sparkling water can influence a meal. “Still water neutralises the palate after a dish,” he revealed, “enabling you to appreciate the taste of the next one. Sparkling water, on the other hand, enhances tastes and aromas and allows them to linger longer in the mouth.

“Whatever your choice, Evian and Badoit natural mineral waters are perfectly balanced, subtle and exceptionally delicate. They are the ideal companions of all fine tables.”

Guests were invited to sample local mineral waters alongside Evian and Badoit in a blind test. With the labels concealed and food supplied to accompany the tasting, Laporte explained to the guests the properties of each brand and also advised on the best way to serve mineral water.

Naturally, the tasters favoured the flavour of Evian and Badoit

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