“Carmen” By Rami Al Ali

Published February 2nd, 2010 - 11:11 GMT

Rami Al Ali becomes the first UAE based and Syrian designer on Alta Roma’s fashion calendar.
Rami Al Ali unveils his new collection in Rome. “Love is a rebellious bird/ that no one can tame/ and it’s quite useless to call him/ if it suits him to refuse” (Act I No. 4). An extremely complex and versatile character, she is simultaneously repellent and sympathetic, lovely and hateful, understandable and irrational.
Carmen, the collection was inspired by this liberal mysterious strong Carmen woman, with her internal contradicting emotions which led to the tough dramatic ending of her existence. A reflection of the gypsy female, with her wild and instinctual image, an effect which is clearly depicted through the collection vibrant pieces.
Rami Al Ali Couture is a blend of Western dazzle, Eastern femininity with hints of European inspired Couture. The line is a perfect combination of celebrity chic and avant-garde sleek and features innovative treatment of classic shapes.
Rami was born and raised in Syria. He graduated from the college of Fine Arts in 1995 and started his fashion career in Dubai and Beirut with some of the region’s leading fashion houses. Established in Dubai in 2001, and immediately after its launch, Rami Al Ali Couture entered the fashion arena boldly and uncompromisingly with a plethora of fashion shows around the Gulf in the first few years. Rami’s recognition spread very fast and his designs occupy the covers of leading fashion magazines and celebrities.

In 2006, Rami Al Ali was selected among few International designers to be part of the Fashion Show held at the Asian Olympic Games in Qatar organized by the well-known International event organizer La Mode En Images.

By November 2007 Rami was chosen to kick off the launch of Abu Dhabi’s first Fashion Week (ADFW), alongside famous designers such as Valentino, where Rami showcased an elegant & chic collection at the opening ceremony;  his first Pret-a-Porte collection. Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (creators of Milan Fashion Week, with Mr. Mario Boselli, President of Camera Moda attending) were co-organizer’s of the hugely successful event.

Rami Al Ali Couture has been working with other large companies such as Swarovski and has enjoyed a long lasting and valuable relationship. Furthermore, Rami Al Ali has been chosen by Swarovski among other world-renowned designers such as John Galliano; Vivian Westwood; Giorgio Armani & Elie Saab, to create one-of-a-kind wedding designs featured in Swarovski’s  book UNBRIDALED The Marriage of Tradition And Avant Garde. Simultaneously Rami Al Ali Couture contributed to the launch of Swarovski’s CRYSTALLIZED™ Wedding event in Paris, 2008.
In 2009, Rami Al Ali walked on the international fashion stage from Rome, through his Spring Summer 2009 collection “Damascus Rose”, where it was showcased at the historic ballroom of The Grand Hotel Plaza during Alta Moda fashion week.
Crowned by another huge success in Rome, through his Autumn Winter 09/10 collection “The Peacock in you”; Rami showcased at the Rome Cavalieri artistic ballroom, during the Alta Moda fashion week. Rami stress the elegance and beauty of his theme, with fascinating fabrics and charming details. The most significant matter was the exceptional print and design, which was designed in-house, intended and manufactured specifically to emphasize the theme of both collections.
Rami’s designs are based on the philosophy of intrigue, where each piece strives to use new techniques or design concepts that generate long lasting interest rather than immediate but short lasting dazzle and impact. Intricate embroidery is not treated as an accessory to the dress but rather part of the central theme that brings it to life. Soft curvy material is a clear favorite in Rami’s fabric choices. In most designs, the material is so light it embraces the body almost like a perfume leaving it to move and express itself freely. Flamboyance is treated subtlety so that glamorous elements such as glitter, crystal beadwork, and extra embellishments are often playfully hidden with other layers revealing their charm through movement and the hidden curves.
Rami Al Ali’s muse is typically Mediterranean sophisticated, elitist, intricate, graceful and very refined.

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