1,000 Students Protest in Troubled Yemeni Town

Published May 8th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Some 1,000 students demonstrated in the troubled Yemeni town of Dhaleh on Monday to protest at deadly clashes with security forces in which one of their comrades was shot and wounded last week, witnesses said. 

They marched peacefully through the streets of Dhaleh, some 100 kilometres (60 miles) from the southern port city of Aden, before holding a meeting at their teacher training college with the provincial governor, Ali Saleh al-Juneid. 

The students delivered a demand to be represented in the official commission of inquiry into the clashes, in which a schoolboy was killed and a student and four soldiers wounded in a gun battle between soldiers and local residents on Saturday. 

The opposition parties on Monday called for the culprits to be punished and victims to be compensated. 

The trouble started when a local man driving his car was stopped and beaten by the security forces of the interior ministry, according to witnesses quoted by the opposition. 

Student Yahya Omar Mazaki intervened but ended up being shot and wounded. 

In mid-March, thousands demonstrated in Dhaleh in support of opposition calls for the release of prisoners, the demilitarization of the town, and for soldiers from the former South Yemen to be integrated into the army. 

The army is deployed in force in Dhaleh province and has regularly been the scene of incidents between soldiers and residents since July 1998. 

The former North and South Yemen were unified in 1990, although the north crushed a southern secession bid in a 1994 civil war -- ADEN (AFP). 


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