2000 Rockets Expected to be Fired on Israel Daily by Hezbollah

Published October 18th, 2021 - 09:53 GMT
Israeli soldiers looking towards Lebanon
Israeli soldiers are positioned near the northern Israeli settlement of Shtula along the border with Lebanon, on May 19, 2021. (AFP)

ALBAWABA – This may make a great headline to use! It has been ringing on the social media but it is deadly serious. And the question that can be asked is Israel expecting another war to be waged by Hezbollah anytime soon. 

The story that got the ball-rolling was news statements by a senior Israeli military official who told AFP that Israel is prepared to face about 2000 rockets a day fired by Hezbollah activists and fighters.  

Uri Gordin is the chief of what the Israeli army calls its Home Front Command. He says regardless, his country does not want war with anybody. The headlined story – “Israel expects 2000 rockets a day in any war with Hizbollah: army” is just being taken as is and posted on the social media for its intensity with little comment. But it may show Israeli army's kind of thinking at the present time.

The question that is now posed will there be another war in the region, it is certainly a possibility but there is conflicting news: On the one hand, Israel is weary of Gaza and has continued its continual sporadic missile strikes on the strip, it is also rocketing Syria and its towns and military bases frequently; this not to mention its recent alleged killing of a Syrian official and former lawmaker on the occupied Golan Heights.

On the other hand, Israel is moving forward in diplomatic public relations, fine-tuning its views on the peace process, aiming for better relations with the Arab world including Jordanian, the Palestinians, especially the states it reached normalizations deals with like UAE, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco with frequent bilateral visits and niceties.

So for an Israeli army official to come up with these statements now is a bit strange; what it means is that the Israeli military might be preparing for one thing, preparing for war while its politicians going for quite another direction.

Gordin tells AFP that in the last 11-day May war on Gaza 4,400 projectiles were fired by Hamas on Israel that hit cities from Ashdod to Tel Aviv and more. He added Israel faced about 400 missiles per day.  

He expects that in the event of another war with Hezbollah between 1,500 up to 2,500 would be fired towards Israel on a daily basis. What he seems to be saying also is Israel would be prepared for that through its Home Front Command although he admits that the Tel Aviv’s 2006 War on Lebanon was a “wake call” because of the stiff resistance from the Hezbollah organization he is now projecting against. 

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