With 29 Killed: Iran's Collapsed Tower Points to 'Unsafe' Building Codes

Published May 29th, 2022 - 09:58 GMT
Collapsed building in Abadan lead to 29 people dead
Collapsed building in Abadan lead to 29 people dead (Credit: Anadolu news agency)

ALBAWABA - Iran declares a national morning  over the collapse of a building collapse in the southwestern city of Abadan were 29 people perished last week.

In the capital the Tehran Municipality put black banners on all main streets and roundabouts with messages such as "Condolences Abadan" to express solidarity with people in Khuzestan province, Anadolu reports.

It added the ten-story Metropol commercial building collapsed on May 23 in what has been described by experts and disaster management authorities as one of the deadliest disasters in Iran in recent years.

The Turkish news agency adds: The death toll reached 29 and likely to spike as more than 38 as people are still missing, according to provincial authorities.

Huge debris

Iran's Interior Minister Ahmad Vahedi, who visited the site on Friday, said there might be a delay in operation to recover the dead bodies as the volume of debris is huge.

More than 100 people were present inside the under-construction building on the busy Amiri Street at the time of the collapse, Anadolu Agency learned from local sources.

The office of the provincial prosecutor in Khuzestan has announced the arrest of 13 people so far, including the mayor and deputy mayor, and a seven-member committee is undertaking a probe into the collapse.

The incident has raised alarm bells across the country, with people seeking stringent action against those responsible for the building collapse and mismanagement.

According to reports, there are around 33,000 to 34,000 buildings deemed unsafe in Tehran alone, of which more than 100 buildings are in "very dangerous conditions."

Earlier and as reported by Anadolu Mohammad-Hassan Nami, chairman of the Crisis Management Organization, told media on Tuesday they have been evacuating all the nearby buildings at risk of collapse, while rescue teams tried to enter the basement through tunnels dug around the collapsed building.

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