29th November is The UN Solidarity Day With The Palestinians

Published November 29th, 2021 - 02:01 GMT
Israeli soldier facing a Palestinian flag
A Israeli soldier takes pictures as Palestinian demonstrators try to reach their lands confiscated by Israeli authorities, in the occupied West Bank, Jan. 4, 2021. (AFP)

ALBAWABA - The date is very important as 29th November is the International Day of Solidarity With The Palestinian People as declared by the United Nations.  On this day in 1947 the UN declared the partition plan of Palestine.

It was to be disastrous for the next year - May 1948 - it led to the establishment of the state of Israel and the start of a war that lead to the expulsion of around 750 Palestinians from their homes, thus becoming refugees.

This day marks the 43th year of solidarity with the Palestinian people as 29th November was "chosen for its meaning and significance to Palestinians, as it also marks the unjust and unethical UN-led partition of Palestine. This was through its UN General Assembly Resolution 181.

The United Nations Palestinian Rights Committee states, under the hashtag (#PalestineDay)provides an opportunity for the international community to focus its attention on the fact that the people of (#Palestine) are yet to obtain the right to self-determination as defined by the UN General Assembly.

Much has been written on this day. One named Tourage Nikkhah states "the real (#Palestine day) is the  day of the liberation of Palestine from occupation of the cancer called (#ApartheidIsrael) after 73 years."


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