5,000 Tons Of UN Aid For Afghans Leave Kyrgyzstan

Published November 2nd, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

A truck convoy carrying 5,000 tons of UN humanitarian aid to northern Afghanistan left the Kyrgyz town of Osh, Avazbek Kaliyev, the Kyrgyz deputy minister for emergency situations, said Friday. 

The fifty-truck convoy was carrying urgently needed food, medicine and fuel to Faizabad in Afghanistan, a city now controlled by the opposition Northern Alliance, he said. 

The convoy, which was organized by the UN World Food Program, will travel through Tajikistan before crossing the Afghan border. 

Another 11,000 tons of aid for Afghan civilians are expected to arrive in Osh in the next three to four months from Russia, the United States, Germany and other donor countries, Kaliyev said. 

The United Nations appealed last month for international support to raise 230 million dollars needed to feed some 7.5 million people in Afghanistan, before the start of winter -- BISHKEK (AFP) 

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