8- The Replacements

Published August 22nd, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Taking the 1987 National Football League players' strike as a point of departure, this comic tour de force follows a team of makeshift replacements hired by the Washington Sentinels on their thorny road to victory. Led by head coach Gene Hackman, replacement quarterback Keanu Reeves and offensive lineman Jon Favreau gear up for a roller coaster season.  

The Comedy is rated PG-13, for some crude sexual humor and language.  

The cast includes Orlando Jones and Brooke Langton. 

The Replacements was directed by Howard Deutch, written by Vince McKewin and produced by Dylan Sellers. Warner Bros. released the movie. 

In its fourth week of release, the movie grossed $4,400,000 adding up to a total of $36,800,000

Meanwhile, reviews are positive. Keanu is complemented on a less stiff performance.  

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