80% of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon's Mieh Mieh Left Due to Clashes, UNRWA Acts

Published October 28th, 2018 - 12:50 GMT
Lebanon Army deploys in Mieh Mieh camp (Twitter)
Lebanon Army deploys in Mieh Mieh camp (Twitter)

UNRWA has an internal plan if Mieh Mieh camp clashes escalate into a full-blown crisis, a source from the agency said Sunday, denying the agency put out an evacuation report being circulated.

The state-run National News Agency attributed UNRWA to a statement claiming more than eighty percent of residents in the Mieh Mieh Palestinian camp have left a result of the ongoing clashes.

The source said the statement, published by the NNA and multiple local news websites, was written as a preliminary measure, in case clashes persisted.

The source also denied claims that UNRWA's school in the camp, Asqalan, has been closed since Oct. 16 and has stopped receiving its 417 registered students, to be distributed among three other schools in Sidon and the Ain al-Hilweh camp: Deir al-Qassi, Al-Semoua and Marj Bin Amer. However, the source said this will be the contingency plan for students if the fighting continues.


Together With UNRWA, a campaign promoting the agency, posted a statement on Facebook asking organizations and individuals to refrain from attributing UNRWA in news of security escalations, except if information is obtained through its official channels.

"Together With UNRWA contacted UNRWA Chief Area Officer for Sidon Ibrahim al-Khatib, who denied releasing any statement in the name of UNRWA that has to do with the number of refugees [remaining in the camp] or students," the post said.

Khatib also confirmed UNRWA's internal plan, but said it may not be implemented if clashes stop.

According to UNRWA's website, the camp – located in Sidon's Mieh w Mieh village – houses more than 5,250 registered Palestinian refugees.

Two of the Palestinian authorities in the camp, the Fatah Movement and its Hezbollah-affiliated rival Ansar Allah, have been engaged in deadly clashes against each other intermittently for nearly two weeks, killing at least five people and wounding over 26.

Multiple cease-fires were reached with the help of Hamas, the Amal Movement and Hezbollah, but none lasted long.

The NNA reported late Saturday that the sound of an explosion was heard, reportedly resulting from a rocket-propelled grenade. Sounds of heavy gunfire and occasional grenades followed throughout the night and early morning hours.


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