AAYAN launches 24/7 call center

AAYAN launches 24/7 call center
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Published November 24th, 2010 - 09:30 GMT

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Leading Saudi vehicle leasing company AAYAN has launched a toll-free call center to provide customer service around the clock. The toll-free phone number is 8003030888.

"AAYAN Call Center will add outstanding value to our services," said Mr. Mohammad Mousa, Marketing Manager of AAYAN Saudi Leasing. "It will enable us to meet client expectations and requirements in the best possible way and further develop customer confidence in us."

The call center will answer customer inquiries 24/7, receive complaints and make bookings for periodic maintenance of vehicles.

AAYAN started its vehicle leasing operations in Saudi Arabia last year with a focus on quality customer care. The company is also an authorized distributor for a number of car dealerships in Saudi Arabia.

The new call center, while enhancing customer interaction, will also help measure customer satisfaction levels at its various branches, Mr. Mousa said.

Furthermore, new opportunities for electronic marketing will be created. "The staff of the center will help assess our marketing campaigns by getting a continuous feedback from our clients on our news, events, cars and services," he said.

AAYAN Saudi Leasing offers long-term operational rental of vehicles for individuals and companies, provides car rental with or without chauffeur, bus rental, airport pick-up services, and Umra pilgrim transportation from Jeddah to Makkah, Medina and back.

The company has outlets in the main airports of Saudi Arabia. Its workshops provide alternative cars to clients during maintenance services for all brands of cars or in the event of vehicle breakdown. AAYAN also provides comprehensive insurance, towing services, warranty services, sale and trade-in of used and new cars, and after-sales services. 

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