Abbas Tells Meretz Leader 'We Have no Other Option' But Peace

Published March 11th, 2019 - 12:03 GMT
Meretz leader Tamar Zandberg and MK Esawi Frej met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas  (Twitter)
Meretz leader Tamar Zandberg and MK Esawi Frej met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (Twitter)

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has told a delegation from the Israeli left-wing Meretz party that he would extend his hand to any Israeli government that “believes in a two-state solution.”

“As you know, we have turned to peace and we have no other option," Abbas told Meretz leader Tamar Zandberg during a meeting with her and her accompanying delegation in Ramallah on Sunday.

“This position has been adopted since 1988 and we adhere to it to this day,” he stressed.

“Our demand is to discuss the 1967 borders, and we extend our hand to any Israeli government that adopts these positions. This is our stance, and we will not change it.”


The meeting between Abbas and Zandberg took place as Israeli parties campaign for the elections scheduled for April 9.

Zandberg said her party agrees with the idea of a two-state solution, adding that she will support any Israeli government that believes in this solution to reach peace.

Any government must start negotiations with the Palestinians in line with the vision of a two-state solution, she said.

Abbas reiterated his position on peace and rejection of violence.

He said everyone knows that Palestine has signed agreements with 83 countries to fight terrorism.

“The United States tops these countries, followed by Israel,” he noted, accusing the Israeli government of causing a financial crisis for the Palestinians.

Abbas was referring to Israel's occupation of the West Bank and its recent decision to withhold tax transfers to the Palestinian Authority.

Israel collects taxes on behalf of Ramallah every month, and usually transfers them to the PA.

“Despite the fact that there are different and extreme positions, we will continue to adhere to this path, and we have protocols and agreements that we are committed to fighting terrorism,” Abbas explained.

“But our political position has not changed: the two-state solution, the fight against terrorism and the return of our money," he told Zandberg.


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