Abu Khader Automotive’s fleet & service department achieves 33% growth rate in 2010

Abu Khader Automotive’s fleet & service department achieves 33% growth rate in 2010
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Published December 16th, 2010 - 08:27 GMT

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The fleet & service department in Abu Khader automotive has witnessed a growth of 33% in 2010 compared to 2009. Abu Khader Automotive has one of the largest after sales fully- equipped service center, which ensures on- time delivery, high quality and product maintenance, comprehensive local service, warranty and parts support.

Zaid Al-Abdallat, General Manager of Abu Khader Automotive, stated,"Due to our ongoing and fruitful relationships we have with our business partners, and to the dedication and hardwork of the team in the fleet department, we were able to increase our fleet deals and be associated with a number of new partners."

Being an integral part of Abu Khader Automotive's business model, the fleet sales department provides unprecedented services to their business partners. The department's customers vary from small and large companies, to local and international, as well as the government sector.

He added,"We have recently signed a partnership with Dalleh Rent a Car where we provided 30 Chevrolet Aveos and Sparks. We are sincerely appreciative for companies like Dalleh that make Abu Khader Automotive their top choice to supply their company's fleet of vehicles."

In addition to the highly competitive pricing to all product ranges, the fleet department offers an ongoing door- to- door full service for all business and governmental sectors.

The fleet department offers a diverse product range depending on a customer's needs, aggressive pricing, and flexible terms of payment which is either offered internally or through its sister company, CLC. On top, the department undergoes extensive training within Abu Khader Automotive, as well as training from General Motors locally and abroad. 

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