Abu Khader contributes to portraying “homeland” in the eyes of Al- Baq’a refugee camp school students

Published November 11th, 2010 - 07:59 GMT

Abu Khader Automotive, Fulbright fellows and Relief International joined forces to carry out an educational and enrichment project for school students in Al Baq'a refugee camp. The project includes five interactive workshops and two exhibitions, and designed to encourage the youth to discuss their identity and perception of their "homeland".

During the workshops, which commenced just recently and will be running for a month, participants are given full training to embark on creating photographic narratives of their personal lives. Each individual will be given a camera to capture the moments of his/ her daily life.

Sponsoring the project, Abu Khader Automotive contributed by providing the necessary tools to implement the project. "We are thrilled to be part of this unique project. It is a real life experience where the disadvantaged Palestinian youth get to record their personal perception of their "homeland" and share it with the public," said Zaid Al Abdallat, General Manager of Abu Khader Automotive.

Commenting on the initiative, Mohammad Nasser, a Fulbright fellow and program coordinator, said," Providing these young individuals with the right tools to portray their own understanding of their identity, gives them space for creativity and urges them to come out from their shell. That is why Abu Khader's generous contribution serves this significant purpose."

Lydia Wright, a Fulbright fellow and program coordinator, stated:" We are overwhelmed with the support of Relief International and Abu Khader Automotive and are certain that the results of this joint effort will be fruitful."

42 teenagers from ages between 11-17 are selected to attend the workshops, in which they are given practical lessons in photography, including the ethics of photographing people, how to frame a meaningful shot, what makes a good photo and many more. In addition, two workshops will be dedicated entirely to team building exercises with the aim of building trust among participants and visualizing the concept of "identity".

"It is interesting to see what these young kids are going to produce. They will learn valuable lessons and gain important communication skills, as they are engaged in these different workshops," explained Al Abdallat.

Following the workshop, a selection of the pictures will be displayed in Al Baq'a and in different gallery locations in Amman, which will be announced later. Alongside with the photographs, the written stories of the participants will be displayed in English & Arabic.

An opening ceremony of the exhibition will be held, where the participants will interact with the attendees and communicate what they saw through the lens. 

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