adidas and Zinedine Zidane create unmatchable kicking power for 2010 FIFA World Cup™

Published February 7th, 2010 - 02:50 GMT

adidas releases its PREDATOR®_X for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, a new football boot designed with French football legend Zinedine Zidane, that achieves the highest ball power, swerve and control ever found in any PREDATOR®.


Almost every country embraces the number 10 in football to designate the best, most skilful player in the team. Just as Zidane is world-famous for having worn the number 10 in the French national side, the new PREDATOR®_X boot, the tenth generation of the PREDATOR® family which has led football for more than a decade, is tipped to augment the power to come in the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ in South Africa.


Introducing a pioneering PowerSpine technology, the PREDATOR®_X is distinguished by its unprecedented increase in shooting power of seven percent in comparison to its predecessor. Ball velocity tests in the adidas laboratory demonstrated that the new PowerSpine enables the PREDATOR®_X to reach a velocity of 110 kilometres per hour which makes a speed difference of almost three metres per second. This could mean the PREDATOR®_X shot is 26 centimetres behind the goal line while the other shot is saved by the goalkeeper.


Steven Gerrard (Liverpool FC) after testing the new PREDATOR®_X said: "The PREDATOR®_X is outstanding with an absolutely dreamlike fit and something that feels like more power. It is so comfortable that it feels like a slipper which helps me control the ball and gives me perfect ground control. But when you hit the ball the slipper turns into a power-driven machine.“

Zidane, who has relied on the adidas PREDATOR® technology since 1996, was taken aback when he tested the new PREDATOR®_X, claiming “PREDATOR® was always my weapon of choice but this PREDATOR®_X gives a power like never before, I need to start playing football again!”


During a shot, the average force on a player’s foot is comparable to a right-hand punch from a heavyweight boxer. PowerSpine reduces this force on the foot, transferring the saved energy directly to the ball. This results in increased shooting power and decreases the flex and harmful impact on the metatarsal area of the foot, minimizing the risk of injuries.


adidas and Zidane share a passion for precision and perfection. For Zidane, control on the ball is everything and with this guidance and further extensive player testing, adidas changed the PREDATOR® element in the swerve zone at the side of the boot. The new position and material increases the player’s contact time with the ball and enhances its swerve, control and accuracy.


Spin performance tests on the PREDATOR®_X showed no difference in performance in wet or dry playing conditions, which means the player can rely on a constant swerve no matter what the weather.


Zidane helped take the elite quality and fit of the PREDATOR®_X boot to its new benchmark level. The improved PREDATOR®_X OptiFit technology brings all of the shoe’s materials as close as possible to the foot, creating a snug, three-dimensional ergonomic shape around the foot and providing greater control in movement and ball control and handling.


Upon wearing the PREDATOR®_X, Zidane said: “The PREDATOR®_X upper is as soft and thin as possible and the outsole very flexible, nevertheless giving me stability in all directions and control over my feet.”


Together with Zinedine Zidane, PREDATOR®_X was developed over five years by a team of experts from different fields including biomechanic and material specialists, and design and footwear developers. Extensive testing of prototypes and the final boot was conducted with more than 150 professional and amateur players, guaranteeing the PREDATOR®_X meets the highest standards in terms of performance, functionality and design.


With the launch of the PREDATOR®_X, adidas is adding a further chapter to the successful PREDATOR® story. Since first being introduced in 1994, the PREDATOR® has been continuously developed with the help of top football players, ensuring that it continues to be the world’s most elite football boot for over a decade.


Top adidas players relying on the new PREDATOR®_X technology include: Michael Ballack (Germany – Chelsea FC), David Beckham (England – LA Galaxy), Mark van Bommel (Netherlands – FC Bayern München), Diego (Brazil – Juventus FC), Steven Gerrard (England – Liverpool FC), Mark Janko (Austria – Red Bull Salzburg), Lucio (Brasil – FC Internationale Milano), Robin van Persie (Netherlands – Arsenal FC), Raúl (Spain – Real Madrid CF), Daniele De Rossi (Italy – AS Roma), Patrick Vieira (France - FC Internationale Milano), Xavi (Spain – FC Barcelona) and many more.


The new PREDATOR®_X is now available in different colours at select adidas outlets across the region, priced at AED 895.

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