ADMA-OPCO Observes World Environment Day 2010

Published June 8th, 2010 - 01:42 GMT

In keeping with its practice over the last several years, ADMA-OPCO celebrated World Environment Day 2010 today, June 8th.

A celebration was held at the company's headquarters, under the theme "The Perils of Plastic Bags".

Held in line with the UAE government's drive to replace non-biodegradable plastic bags with biodegradable type by 2013, the activity was intended to raise employee and public awareness of the severe environmental damage caused by improper use of plastic bags. The move is also in line with the UAE government's recent decision to ban plastic bags by 2012.

Apart from being a nasty eye-sore, plastic bags never biodegrade. They remain in the environment for over 500 years, and result in the painful death of countless animals and marine life who mistake it for food, according to experts.

ADMA-OPCO's event included the screening of two films focusing on environmental issues – one on ADMA's artificial coral reef, and the other on the problem of plastic bags; a play staged by company employees; an awards ceremony recognizing the role played by ADMA's partners in support of the event; and an exciting exhibition.

The event was opened by ADMA-OPCO's Chief Executive Officer, Ali Rashid Al Jarwan, and was attended by a wide cross-section of Abu Dhabi public.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Al-Jarwan said ADMA-OPCO, following the vision of the wise leadership of our country, and in addition to the company's perspective and commitment to the environment, had always maintained its professionalism in meeting the international standards.

"One of the company's objectives is to spread an environmental culture amongst its employees by carrying out many environmental awareness programs," he added.

An exhibition featuring environmental awareness material and exhibits was opened by Mr. Al-Jarwan at the Lobby of the 1st floor of the company's premises. It will remain open for the general public until 10th June.

ADMA-OPCO was supported in the organization of the event by a range of partners who share ADMA-OPCO's commitment to the environment and generously contributed their time and resources. The partners list consisted of Swiss Embassy, Emirates Marine Environment Group, Emirates Environment Group, Emirates Diving Association, National Geographic Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi COOP, CVR Labs and Lulu Hypermarket.

All partners hope that this event will stimulate awareness both of this pressing issue and the ease with which it can be alleviated.

Joy Bruelhart, wife of Swiss Ambassador Wolfgang Amadeus Bruelhart, is a keen environmentalist. Inspired by ADMA's plastic bag campaign, she volunteered her efforts to support the organization of the event.

Mrs. Bruelhart gave a presentation on the dangers posed by plastic bags, urging the audience to pass on the message of the need to reduce the use of plastic bags to the wider community. A native of Jamaica who spent most of her career in the United States, Mrs. Bruelhart readily admits that she developed her love and deep respect for nature and the environment after moving to Switzerland. 

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