Afghan Taliban Jets Attack Opposition Stronghold

Published December 30th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Jets of the Afghan Taliban regime have raided the opposition stronghold of Panjshir but caused no casualties, an opposition spokesman said Saturday. 

The planes made three bombing runs Friday over the central Bazarak area in Panjshir valley, 100 kilometers (60 miles) from Kabul, the spokesman, Abdullah (eds: one name), said. 

The attack resulted in "some material damage but caused no human loss," Abdullah told AFP by satellite phone from inside Afghanistan. He did not say how many planes were involved in the raids. 

Mohammad Habeel, another spokesman for opposition military commander Ahmad Shah Masood, said anti-Taliban groups had made a series of attacks against Taliban positions in the central Bamyan province. 

The opposition fighters had gained some territory around Yakawlang district to the west of Bamyan provincial centre in their attacks over the past several days, he said, speaking to AFP by phone from neighboring Iran. 

Loyalists of two anti-Taliban Muslim Shiite parties, Wahdat-i-Islami and Harakat-i-Islami, were trying to capture Yakawlang, which controls the main highway to northern Afghanistan, Habeel said. 

He said the district was likely to fall to the anti-Taliban fighters. 

No Taliban comment or independent verification of the opposition claims was immediately available. 

Bamyan, home to Afgan Shiite minority, was captured in 1998 by the ultra-fundamentalist Taliban militia, which now holds 90 percent of Afghanistan. 

Masood and his allies, holding out from pockets of resistance in the northeast and in the central mountainous region, are the last hurdle to Taliban control of the whole country -- KABUL (AFP)  



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