Ahead of inaugural unveiling, artists from the Middle East, N. Africa and South Asia can now apply for the Abraaj Capital Art Prize 2010

Published March 15th, 2009 - 10:14 GMT

Ahead of inaugural unveiling, artists from the Middle East, N. Africa and South Asia can now apply for the Abraaj Capital Art Prize 2010
Generous stipend enables artists from emerging markets to work with international curators on career-transforming projects

DUBAI:  Artists from around the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (MENASA) have until the end of next month to submit applications for the second Abraaj Capital Art Prize in 2010, an award that aims to highlight the region's diverse culture and heritage by bringing together local artists and international curators.  For the 2009 Abraaj Capital Art Prize, which will be unveiled in Dubai on Tuesday, almost 100 artists covering every country in MENASA applied for the three winning places.

The award will enable each of the three winning artists from the MENASA region to create hitherto unrealized art projects in collaboration with their curator.  These winning projects will be unveiled at Art Dubai 2010, with further opportunities for the projects to be exhibited on the international stage as well as be included in the Abraaj Capital Corporate Collection.

“Following the overwhelming response to the first-ever Abraaj Capital Art Prize, it’s clear that we have set a precedent by recognizing the importance of the artist and curator working together in collaboration from the very early stages of a project. Last year we received almost 100 applications representing artists from every country in the MENASA region in collaboration with curators from all over the world, and we’re expecting a significant increase for 2010 as a further testament to the void this prize has filled,” said Savita Apte, Chair of the Abraaj Capital Art Prize.

This art prize creates a unique opportunity for international curators from any country to work with artists from the MENASA region. Unlike other art prizes, the Abraaj Capital Art Prize is awarded not on the basis of an exhibition, nor on the basis of a work of art that has already been produced, but for a project proposal and its latent potential. Designed to raise awareness of innovative and experimental work, the Abraaj Capital Art Prize encourages collaborative relationships for both artists and curators to produce work that is dynamic and cutting edge.

“The Abraaj Capital Art Prize is an unprecedented opportunity developed to elevate artists from the MENASA region onto a more global stage. This prize aims to support the burgeoning creative community for which this region is fast becoming internationally recognised,” said Frederic Sicre, Executive Director, Abraaj Capital.
Abraaj Capital, the premier investment firm specializing in private equity investment in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (MENASA) region, pioneered the art prize in partnership with Art Dubai in order to foster and reward artistic development in its core markets.

Criteria to participate in the Abraaj Capital Art Prize:

*    Interested applicants must come from  the MENASA region.

*    Applications may only be submitted by curators and must be
     signed by both participants, and must be received no later than 5:00pm
     on 30 April 2009.

*    Curators may come from any nationality and age bracket, and may
      submit a proposal for collaboration with an artist from  the MENASA region

*    Curators must submit a biography, curriculum of past exhibitions
      and three written articles.

*    Curators must submit a short essay on the work of the artist
      they are collaborating with in the competition.

*    Applications should be submitted at www.artdubai.ae


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