Ahmadinejad: Israel suffered huge blow in UN anti-Racism Conference

Published April 22nd, 2009 - 09:51 GMT

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Wednesday that Israel suffered huge and severe blow at UN anti-Racism Conference in Geneva. Making the remark in his address to international lawyers gathering in Tehran to prepare an indictment against Israeli leaders for committing crimes against humanity and war crimes in Gaza, the Iranian leader said it was for the first time in the history that, during the UN-sponsored meeting in Geneva, the will of the freedom-seeking nations overcame the schemes designed by the Zionists.


In his speech, Ahmadinejad added both the explicit and implicit schemes of the Zionist regime failed in the Geneva conference where they had planned to quietly remove the item in the Durban I statement which equated the Zionist regime with racism over treatment with the Palestinians whose territories have been occupied. Describing Zionism as a political party, he also said that the Zionists lacked any religious beliefs and were basically against the teachings propagated by divine religions and prophets and used Judaism only as a mask to cover up their true identities.


According to IRNA, he said Zionism was a political party with a highly complicated, violent and anti-religion structure that was seeking dominance over the followers of all other divine religions and exploited all the tools at their disposal to materialize the objectives.


He also criticized the performance of the United Nations Security Council and said it joined hands with many other similar political and legal bodies to support Zionism without declaring itself to the public as a Zionist entity. He also noted that the Zionist lobbies were trying to change some of the items in the Durban I statement which defined Zionism as equal to racism in quiet and said the plot was foiled by Iran’s decision to take part in the event.


The Iranian president conveyed: “the UN Secretary General asked me to use a milder tone in my speech given the fact that the preliminary expert meetings had decided to remove the term which singled out Israel clear example of racism to which I answered: Are you, as the UN head, are asking me not to mention Zionists’ crimes in Gaza, their attacks against neighboring countries, terrorizing the Palestinian nation and their decades-old crimes in Palestine? He said: you are free to say these and I said the Zionists’ behavior is the racism itself.”



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