Ahwazi Arab resistance blow up Iranian pipeline

Published July 19th, 2016 - 03:00 GMT
Iranians gather at the site of an explosion in Ahwaz, a town populated mainly by Arabs in south-west Iran, in October 2005. (AFP/File)
Iranians gather at the site of an explosion in Ahwaz, a town populated mainly by Arabs in south-west Iran, in October 2005. (AFP/File)

The Kateibat el-Farouq (al-Farouq Brigade) of the Ahwazi National Resistance conducted an armed attack that targeted oil pipelines in the Johar as-Sabaa' district yesterday, after Iran mobilized forces in the area.

A source from the "The Arab Struggle for the Liberation of Al-Ahwaz" told Elaph on Thursday that the al-Farouq Brigade of the Ahwazi Resistance "conducted a heroic operation targeting Iranian oil pipelines yesterday in Johar as-Sabaa" located to the east of Al-Ahwaz. 

Johar as-Sabaa' is located approximately 75km to North East of Ahwaz city which separatists refer to as their "capital". The area is home to large oil fields that stretch 34 km long and 4km wide, having been in operation since 1927 when started by the British-Iranian Oil Company. They produce 26,000 barrels of oil per day.

The members of the al-Farouq Brigade managed to escape after the operation, despite the best efforts of th security forces and Revolutionary Guards to track down the offenders.

This is the second such attack in a week, after a gas piepline was blown up in Ahwaz on 11 July. That particular pipeline runs to the Ma'shor facility, which is a huge petrochemical facility. 

Social media reacted to the attacks with the hastag "#الاحوازيون_يزلزلون_ايران" meaning "Ahwazis shake Iran," trending on Twitter and praising the resistance. 


The above tweet states "Our brothers in al-Ahwar have suffered oppression and persecution since 1925. We need to support their fight in any way possible."

The Ahwar National resistance has threatened further attacks against the "Persian occupation" after its crimes had "gone too far" against the Arab Ahwazi people and other non-Persians in other countries e.g. Syria, Iraq, Yemen. 

Recently the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of al-Ahwaz warned that they will begin targeting foreign oil companies that work with Iran, and that invest in the oil of the Ahwaz region.

In June 2005, Ahwazi rebels of the same organization targeted oil pipelines in the region, understanding that they are the prime source of revenue for the Iranian Regime.

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