Air Charter International Airlifts Crew From Difficult Terrain

Air Charter International Airlifts Crew From Difficult Terrain
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Published November 11th, 2010 - 15:19 GMT

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Air Charter International, a leading aviation services provider understands this concept better than most. Having worked on many oil and gas queries, the charter sales team at Air Charter International understands exactly what is expected when dealing with such inquiries.

Recently, their extensive coverage in the Far East brought them an interesting business prospect. A prominent logistics solution company approached the Charter sales team at Air Charter International for their services regarding several crew changes.

"This particular client first came to us over a year ago, enquiring whether we could assist them with the complicated matter of crew change," said Claire Brugirard, Strategic Business Manager and head of the charter sales team at Air Charter International.

The requirement was for a crew change for a vessel scheduled to take place every five weeks. "Crew from the barge were flown to land via helicopter from where we were asked to provide them air transport to the international airport where they could take a flight home," explained Ms Brugirard.

With this in mind, the sales team at Air Charter International enlisted a Fokker (F) 100 to conduct the crew change in Indonesia. "We serviced a F100 passenger aircraft for the crew change and provided the client with operational personnel who foresaw all the formalities related to the flight."

Although the strategy seemed fairly simple on paper, there were several unforeseen obstacles that arose before the flight. "A few times the location of the crew members changed at the last moment, so we had to accommodate that," said Ms Brugirard. "We managed to do so without disrupting the crew change process."

She explained that such scenarios are common when it comes to onshore/offshore projects. "The team at Air Charter International is very happy to be working with oil and gas corporations and after collaborating with this logistics provider, we have come to understand the complexities of working on such projects and have adjusted our services accordingly."

Ms Brugirard also stated that chartering of aircraft is quite popular in the oil and gas industry. "Oil and Gas companies prefer to charter aircraft for matters such as crew change and equipment transport because of their scheduled flexibility and value for time."

She said that commercial airliners most often run on a specific schedule and the uncertain nature of the oil and gas field makes it difficult for clients to find a flight that fits.

With regards to this particular flight, the team at Air Charter International was content to be able to provide the client with an easy, hassle free service. "We have successfully conducted several crew changes for this particular client and look forward to working with them in the future," said Ms Brugirard.

The logistics provider is one of Air Charter International's most valued clients and continues to work with them for all their aviation needs. 

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