Airstrikes demolish community college in Yemen

Published January 30th, 2016 - 11:00 GMT

On Friday, the Saudi-led coalition warplanes destroyed the community college in Bani Hoshish district of Sanaa province. 

The hostile war jets waged eight raids on the college in Saref area, which led to destroying it completely, a security official explained to Saba. 

The community college started operation in 2001, to provide Yemenis with technical and vocational training, according to their website.

Educational facilities have been targeted during the ongoing war in Yemen. A suicide bomber attacked a university in the Ibb province of Yemen in November.  

A government official condemned the continuation of the aggression in targeting the educational, service and vital installation and infrastructure, denouncing the silence of the international community on the aggression crimes against Yemen and Yemenis. 

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