Al Arabi and Al Gharafa Stars Visit ASPIRE Talent Centre

Published November 25th, 2008 - 05:40 GMT

Al Arabi and Al Gharafa Stars Visit ASPIRE Talent Centre

Pisculichi and Anas Mubarak Play Alongside ASPIRE Students and Provide Advise

Qatari league stars, Al Arabi forward Leonardo Nicolas Pisculichi and Anas Mubarak (Alias Lawrence) from Al Gharafa visited the ASPIRE Talent Explorer Centre where they played alongside ASPIRE student athletes in the indoor stadium.

The two players praised ASPIRE Academy for Sports Excellence for its role in increasing soccer in Qatar and expanding the interest in teaching the youngsters to play football at an early age to hone their skills.

Pisculichi and Mubarak provided coaching advise to the students and asked them to show serious commitment to benefit from the opportunity they have at ASPIRE. They said that they had not had the same facilities that are provided at ASPIRE and that the students should take advantage of the chance they have been given.

The two stars played a match alongside the ASPIRE students – with one player on each side. The students really enjoyed playing alongside two of the most recognizable names in the Qatari league, and the staff, parents and players commented on the skills shown in the game.

Leonardo Pisculichi said: “I thank the staff at the ASPIRE talent centre and the Academy for this invitation and I appreciate the support provided. I ask the young players to benefit from the facilities, support and care at ASPIRE and to listen to the coaches advise which will help them to be stars in the Qatari football scene.”

Anas Mubarak said: “I saw players here with very high skill levels which confirm that they have made the first step and I thank ASPIRE for this opportunity to visit. I hope that I will be able to support these young players and I wish them all the best. They should take advantage of the very good ASPIRE facilities and the experience provided for them. I also ask the parents to support the children and to help them benefit from the opportunities at ASPIRE.”

ASPIRE opened in 2004 to identify and develop sporting talent across Qatar and the surrounding region. 23 Student Athletes were the first to graduate from ASPIRE Academy in June this year. The academy is also a focus for the world-renowned sporting culture within the country.

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