Al Azraq Shows No Mercy

Published February 15th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

The expected mauling turned into a "bloodbath" on Monday evening when the Kuwaiti football team punished Bhutan 20-0.  


While the actual score was surprising, Kuwait was expected to crush the much weaker Bhutan during this qualifying round of the Asian Nations Cup, al-Watan daily reports. Kuwaiti star, Bashar Abduallah, repeatedly lit up the score board with 8 goals. Jasim Al-Huwaidi scored 5, Ahmad Al-Mutairi 3 and other three players scored one goal each. 


Bhutan did succeed in holding off the beginning of the blood bath until the 16th minute before  

striker Jasim Al-Huwaidi's (in the picture) header (assisted by Fawaz Bkheet) defeated the-soon-to-be-worn-out goalie. The other goals came as follows: 

19th minute by Nhaier Al-Shimmiri; 20th minute by Bashar Abdullah; 21st minute by Ahmad Al-Mutairi; 23rd minute by Bashar Abdullah; 30th minute by Fawaz Bkheet; 36th minute by Jasim Al-Huwaidi (a penalty kick); 38th minute by Bashar Abdullah; 39th minute by Jasim Al-Huwaidi; 45th minute by Bashar Abdullah (another penalty kick); 47th minute by Bashar Abdullah; 49th minute by Bashar Abdullah; 50th minute by Ahmad Al-Mutairi; 52nd minute 7 by Jasim Al-Huwaidi (a third penalty kick); 57th minute by Jasim Al-Huwaidi; 58th minute by Bashar Abdullah (a fourth penalty kick); 62nd minute by Ahmad Al-Mutairi; 65th minute by Isam Sakeen; 76th minute by Ahmad Jasim (a fifth penalty kick); 86th minute by Bashar Abdullah. 


Although the score spoke for itself, Al Watan reporter Lutfi Hanun, thinks that the coach Dushan Uhrin should have given more playing time to those who usually sit on the bench. Another issue mentioned was that Kuwait did not use any corner kicks it won to score goals.  


In the other match in the group Turkmenistan crushed Nepal 5-0. 



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