Al-Kidwa: No clear reason for Arafat death

Published December 11th, 2004 - 06:57 GMT

Yasser Arafat's nephew said Saturday the lack of a clear reason for his uncle's demise raised suspicions the Palestinian president died of "unnatural" causes.


The remarks were made by Nasser al-Kidwa after he handed over the 558-page medical record to Palestinian officials in Ramallah. Arafat died last month in France. 

Since his death there were rumors that Arafat was poisoned by Israel.

Al-Kidwa repeated his statement from last month that the French doctors couldn't rule out the possibility that Arafat had been poisoned, although they said they had not found traces of "any poison known to them."

"Examinations of X-rays and all imaginable tests ... are still with the same results, the inability of reaching a clear diagnosis," Al-Kidwa said on Saturday, according to the AP.

"That is precisely the reason why suspicions are there, because without a reason you cannot escape the other possibility ... that there is unnatural cause for the death," he said.


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