Al Qaeda group claims Baghdad attacks and vows more

Published December 10th, 2009 - 10:00 GMT

An Iraqi group linked with al Qaeda claimed responsibility for bombings that killed 112 people on Tuesday and said their campaign would continue, according to an Islamist website. "The young men of Islam ... set off to target the citadels of evil, the nests of infidelity and the centres of the rejectionist (Shi'ite) government," the Islamic State of Iraq said, according to Reuters.


"We are determined to uproot this government and pull down its pillars and target its points of strength. The list of targest will not end until the banner of one God is once again raised over Baghdad...," the statement, dated Dec. 9. The group added it had targeted the Labour and Finance Ministries and judicial buildings in its "third wave" of attacks.


The same group previously claimed responsibility for twin suicide bombings on Oct. 25 at the Justice Ministry and Baghdad governorate headquarters.


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