Regime attacks kill at least 10 dead in Aleppo as barrel bombings continue with no sign of abating

Published February 12th, 2014 - 07:48 GMT

Regime barrel-bomb strikes on Aleppo neighborhoods Tuesday killed at least 10 people, as rebels pushed forward with their campaign against the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS, also known as ISIL).

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said helicopters dropped crude barrel bombs on two areas in the northern city, killing five children and five adults.

In rural Deir Al Zor, one fighter from ISIS was killed along with five rebels in clashes between the two sides, one day after ISIS militants were chased from most of their positions in the province. Rebels were also massing for attacks on ISIS positions in the Aleppo town of Jarablus and the village of Rai, the Observatory said, while six ISIS fighters and one rebel were killed in clashes near the village of Qara Kubra.

Near the Aleppo village of Aziza, rebels killed six regime troops Monday. The Observatory said rebels decapitated the corpses and placed the heads on display, calling them a “present” for Gen. Suheil Al Hasan, a regime commander in Aleppo.

In Homs province, clashes continued around the village of Zara near Tal Kalakh, on the Lebanese border. Five rebels and a regime lieutenant have been killed in the clashes over the last 48 hours, the Observatory said.

Although ISIS is fighting rebels throughout much of northern Syria, its militants and a rebel group staged a suicide blast in Jobar, on the outskirts of Damascus, that killed at least 32 regime troops Sunday, the Observatory said.

In the Yarmouk refugee camp, preparations were underway for a withdrawal of rebels from the besieged district, with their places to be taken by “Palestinian gunmen” and members of a pro-regime Palestinian group, the Observatory said.

Monday’s death toll stood at 248, of whom 192 were fighters, the Observatory said.

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