Algerian Parliament Speaker Resigns After 300-Lawmakers Petition

Published September 30th, 2018 - 07:13 GMT
Algerian Parliament. (AFP/File)
Algerian Parliament. (AFP/File)
Algerian parliament Speaker Saeed Bouhja resigned after receiving a petition signed by 300 lawmakers accusing him of "not respecting presidential orders.”

Parliamentary sources said that MPs who signed the roaster belong to the National Liberation Front majority party, headed by Abdelaziz Bouteflika. The National Democratic Rally and the National Movement of Hope and Algerian Popular Movement, all loyal to the president, also signed the petition.

The list also included independent lawmakers, who are also loyal to Bouteflika.

This procedure was sponsored by parliamentary affairs minister Mahjoub Bada, promising to soon confirm a presidential backing of the petition, sources said.

In 2004, Karim Younes, head of the constitutional council, was forced to resign after backing NLF secretary-general Ali Benflis in that year's presidential elections.

Benflis lost to Bouteflika.

In 1999, the same scenario occurred with the late Bachir Boumaza, who was pushed by members of the National Assembly to remove him from presidency for political and personal differences with Bouteflika.

In 1992, the army generals dissolved the parliament, overturning legislative elections following an overwhelming victory for national Islamists.

Over time, Bouteflika’s approval proved to be a passing benchmark for any official that wishes to serve Algeria.

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