Allawi calls for internationally supervised caretaker government

Published April 28th, 2010 - 03:00 GMT

The front-runner in Iraq's recent parliamentary elections on Wednesday called for the formation of an impartial, internationally supervised caretaker government to prevent the country from sliding into violence and counter what he says are efforts to change the vote results.


According to the AP, Former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi stated that disqualifying candidates and holding recounts is an attempt to "steal the will of the Iraqi people." The call comes after an Iraqi court charged with investigating election-related complaints disqualified one of his candidates over alleged ties to the former regime. "Certainly what is going on is a theft of the Iraqi will and democracy, jeopardizing the safety of the country," Allawi told Iraq's al-Sharqiya channel. "We will call for the forming of a new interim government."


Allawi called on international organizations like the U.N., the Arab League, the EU and the Organization of Islamic Conference to help establish the impartial interim government.


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