American Team in Yemen to Coordinate US Military Aid

Published March 13th, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

An American team is in Yemen to coordinate US military aid to the government to fight terrorism and prevent the country being used as a haven by al-Qaeda supporters.  


The 20-member team from the US Central Command includes representatives of all the military services and US special forces, said Lieutenant Colonel Dave Lapan, a Pentagon spokesman.  


"They are coordinating with the embassy and the government of Yemen on what their requirements are and how we can support them," he said.  


Among the issues being worked out is how many US military people would be required, and the types of expertise needed, he added, according to the Daily Telegraph.  


Victoria Clarke, the Pentagon spokeswoman, stated "final decisions of exactly what they'll be doing are being worked out".  


"The government of Yemen has made it clear they want to work with us. They want assistance in fighting the terrorism in their own backyard."  


President George W. Bush singled out Yemen in a speech on March 11 pledging US assistance and training to help "governments everywhere to help remove the terrorist parasites". ( 

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