Amid increased violence, Fatah al-Islam commander surrenders to Lebanese army in Ain al-Hilweh camp

Published September 28th, 2016 - 10:00 GMT
Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. (AFP/File)
Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. (AFP/File)

A Fatah al-Islam commander surrendered Thursday to the Lebanese Army in a Palestinian refugee camp in southern Lebanon, a security source told the Daily Star.

Hicham Shehab, who had been wanted by Lebanese authorities, turned himself in to army intelligence at the entrance of the Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp in the southern port city of Sidon. Several militants have turned themselves in to authorities over the last two months, after an agreement was struck between Palestinian factions and the Lebanese state.

The Lebanese Army last week detained an alleged Daesh emir in Ain al-Hilweh after fighting between extremists and the Fatah movement rocked the Palestinian refugee camp.

The Palestinian Joint Security Forces operate inside Ain al-Hilweh, and Lebanese authorities are prohibited from entering most of the country’s 12 Palestinian refugee camps. Security services are only permitted to maintain checkpoints at the entrances to the camps.

Shehab is the nephew of Khodr Kaddour, known as al-Shaabi, who was under the leadership of Fatah al-Islam founder Shaker al-Abssi during the 2007 Nahr al-Bared battle.

Fatah al-Islam was once very active in Lebanon, carrying out a spate of attacks which culminated in the battle of Nahr al-Bared.

More than 400 people were killed, with casualties from the army, militants and civilians.

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