Aptec Celebrates 30th anniversary

Published October 27th, 2009 - 09:18 GMT

Aptec, one of the largest technology distributors in the Middle East, Pakistan, Turkey & English speaking sub-Saharan Africa marks its 30th Anniversary this year 27th October 2009.

Group Vice president Essam Baghdady commented “An exciting yet challenging landmark in Aptec’s history: three decades of success with a unique buzz! Aptec has not only been in business for 30 years but rather vibrantly changing business patterns for 30 years.”  Commented Baghdady. “Adjusting to changes in the most dynamic industry nowadays is still our biggest challenge yet the key to our success. If there is one thing that always gets the Aptec’s team pulses racing, it is a new product line, strategy or concept. This had been our recipe for staying young at heart and those looking for the comfort of complacency moved on to other industries”
“The depth and breadth of the skills within Aptec makes us unique, dynamic and innovative. Over the years we have created and added value to every participant in the supply chain. This includes the manufacturers, resellers, service providers and ultimately the end customer who obtains the best and most effective solution. Our long experience has enabled the company to grow and to increase its profits in 2009 which is viewed by many as the deepest recession in modern history. This is just another achievement to be proud of amongst many” said Dr.Ali Baghdadi, CEO – President of Aptec Holdings.
Going through Aptec’s historical evolution, Group Vice President Essam Baghdady elaborated “Back in the eighties Aptec started as an R& D (research and development) London- based company. An OEM manufacturer for Epson and Ricoh printers, Aptec came up with their own solutions and products, “Aptec Flow writer”, and language fonts. In parallel, Aptec developed the first ever Arabic conversion  kit for  the IBM PC and compatibles, and developed a library of bilingual (Arabic /English ) software applications including word processing , data base , accounts, forms design , spread sheet , educational software, translation packages and  games. Other languages like Farsi, Urdu and Malay followed”
“The nineties witnessed the birth, as part of the group, of a UK based training company specializing in DTP (Desk Top Publishing), one of the first in the UK with manufacturers recognized diploma certifications. Then came "Paperlink”, based in Germany, one of the pioneering paperless companies, introducing what was to be a standard in the industry few years later. All along Aptec worked with world class vendors addressing their needs and at times were contracted by them to develop applications. Aptec recognized as they established a Channel in the EMEA region the need to expand and have local presence in the countries they covered.”
Baghdady added “Subsidiaries in Egypt, Iraq, Saudi, UAE, Lebanon, Turkey, Africa and Pakistan were launched with further business development points in most of the other countries. These subsidiaries offered full-fledged services including local stocks and support, distributing A class products of the best vendors in the industry. Telephony business was launched in some of the subsidiaries in addition to a full-fledged service company (ATS), not forgetting multiple service centers in various subs. Setting challenging goals for ourselves proved ultimately rewarding  with  absorbing our biggest competitor in the region and coming with TDME in the Gulf and Pakistan.
New products and technologies are but the tip of the iceberg; more important are the standards and ethics that come with the technologies. Their constant development has become part of Aptec’s fabric: certified training, technical support, corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate governance, compliance, interactive learning, to name but a few of the initiatives introduced by and to the Aptec 500 plus team.
Aptec’s values emerge from what it regards as the golden triangle; customers, technology and work force. This poses a daunting challenge as Aptec strives to surpass customer’s expectations by working closely with our world–class globally acclaimed vendors offering the latest in the advanced technology arena. This could only be achieved through well trained and highly competent motivated team. Coming up with innovative products and services through home grown solutions will lead to customer satisfaction: “Aptec’s ultimate goal” Concluded Essam Baghdady.

Aptec Holdings (www.apteconline.com) is a leading technology sales, marketing and Logistics Company and one of largest technology distributors in the Middle East, Pakistan, Turkey & Northern Africa.

As a vital link in the technology value chain, Aptec creates sales and profit opportunities for vendors and resellers through unique marketing programs, outsourced logistics services, technical support, financial services and product aggregation and distribution. The company offers a wide range of solutions and services to nearly 10,000 resellers and offers thousands of products from leading IT manufacturers.

From its offices and warehouses in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Kuwait, Pakistan and Libya, and with more than 500 specialized staff, Aptec serves over 40 countries.

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