Aquafina Awarded SASO Quality Seal of Approval

Published December 28th, 2009 - 07:22 GMT

Within one year of it’s launch in the Saudi market, PepsiCo International have announced receiving the nationally acclaimed quality mark from the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) for high quality bottled water brand “Aquafina” after passing all the necessary quality tests.

Aquafina was very proud of the SASO accreditation on the brand only one year after its launch in the Kingdom, recognizing that the product conforms to the technical regulations and quality standards of bottled water in the Kingdom. The SASO prestigious quality mark is an important achievement that places Aquafina high among the leading consumer brands that have been awarded this accreditation and further enhances consumer trust in the brand.

The purity of Aquafina product is guaranteed and SASO has awarded the Quality Mark to Al Jomaih Bottling Plants in Riyadh and the Saudi Industrial Projects Company (SIPCO) in Jeddah, where both plants have achieved the necessary levels of quality for bottled water, which has been confirmed by SASO as safe for sale and consumption.

In the Middle East and North Africa, Aquafina is subjected to a rigorous purification process called Hydro 7 which is made up of seven integrated stages to remove the natural particles and unnecessary salts followed by a final purification process. Although a costly process that is unique to Aquafina, it distinguishes the brand from its competitors making it the purest water ever.


Pepsi has historic and strategic relationships with Al Jomaih and the Saudi Industrial Projects Company (SIPCO) and our long-lasting partnerships with both companies enables us to take this product to new heights of quality and enjoy mass appeal. Aquafina is natural water that has been purified according to the highest international standards and this is the focus of our attention and the way PEPSI work to fulfill its promise that they are proud of what they sell.

For perspective, the Hydro 7 process begins with a preliminary separation process of microscopic particles in the water and then moving to active carbon separation where small organic particles are removed that may affect the taste of the water.  Next is the sharp light stage, where the water is exposed to sharp light to destroy any organic materials that may be there naturally.  After that, the water enters the reverse osmosis stage to remove 98 percent of the solid materials that are dissolved in the water, which are one millionth of particles to move, then on to the final straining process through a series of filters.  The last step of the Hydro 7 process is the purification stage using ozone and finally the product is safe, clean and pure Aquafina.
PepsiCo is world renowned for its commitment to the highest standards in production and bottling, which is reflected in the Company’s impeccable reputation and complete confidence in a wide range of brands that include bottled water and soft drinks enjoyed by consumers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and throughout the world.

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