Arab Committee for Defending POWs and Prisoners Formed

Published November 28th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

An Arab committee for defending POWs and detainees was formed in Amman Tuesday, according to a statement faxed to 

“Activists in the field of human rights in Jordan and Arab countries have worked for the formation of this Arab committee,” which will “function according to clear humanitarian guidelines to support people subject to injustice, and violation of their rights,” said the statement. 

The statement considers the humanitarian work of defending POWs and prisoners a national duty, that involves the follow-up of their case and protecting them from any unjustifiable violation on the part of the official authorities. 

“There should be no punishment without a legal verdict, and that the individual’s freedom of expression of opinion, travel, religious belief and peacful assembly is protected in accordance with international conventions,” said the activists. 

The committee said it plans to coordinate with Arab authorities on all aspects related to defense and well-being of detainees and prisoners including social and cultural activities. “It also aims at ensuring the right of the citizens to enjoy all rights and freedoms without discrimination based on color, sex or religion,” and documenting and collecting all the related information and documents.  

A decision was taken to locate the committee's headquarters in the Jordanian capital but branches will also be opened all over the Arab world, said the statement. 

The number of committees involved in human rights and public freedom in Jordan has increased since the return of Parliamentary life in 1986. Currently, there are six centers concerned with the Issue; namely, the Arab Organization for Human Rights; the Jordanian Organization for Human Rights, the Amman Center for Human Rights Studies, the Jordanian Organization for the Protection of Citizen’s Rights, and the Center for the Protection and Freedom of Journalists. - -( 

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