Arafat Says he ‘No Doubt’ Disapproves of Hadera Attack

Published November 23rd, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Palestinian President Yasser Arafat said Thursday there was "no doubt" he disapproved of a car bomb attack in Hadera town that killed at least two people in northern Israel a day earlier, describing it as a "terrorist" activity, according to AFP. 

"No doubt I am against what had happened yesterday in Israel because we are against all terrorist activities," Arafat told reporters in Cairo, speaking in English. 

The rush-hour attack came just hours after an Israeli army ambush claimed the lives of four Palestinians and prompted a new US call for both sides to work to end almost two months of bloodshed. 

Meanwhile, the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Hamas movement, Ezzediine Qassam Brigades, claimed Thursday its responsibility for the car bomb attack in the Israeli coastal town of Hedera Wednesday that killed at least two Israelis and injured more than 50, according to Al-Jazira satellite channel. 

Earlier, two previously unknown groups claimed responsibility for the car bomb attack. 

A group calling itself the Islamic Revolution to Liberate Palestine - Group of National Islamic Resistance said Thursday it was behind the blast, according to AFP. 

"The Islamic Revolution to Liberate Palestine and its armed wing, Group of National Islamic Resistance, succeeded thanks to God to avenge our martyrs of the blessed Aqsa mosque and exploded a car bomb near a bus carrying Zionists in the heart of the city of Hadera," said a statement received by AFP in Jerusalem. 

"Our action was not the first and will not be the last," it added. 

The second group, calling itself Black Oslo Brigades said it carried out the attack. 

The group contacted Lebanese Hizbollah's Manar TV, which announced the statement late Wednesday.  

Palestinian opposition groups are opposed to the Oslo accords signed in the Norwegian capital in 1993 between the PLO and Israel. 

Shortly after the explosion, Israeli forces shelled the West Bank city of Ramallah and Rafah, killing a Palestinian and seriously injuring another. 

Israeli security officials suspected that the Palestinian group Islamic Jihad was behind the attack, Israeli public television said, quoted by AFP.  

In a report to a security cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Ehud Barak that took place after the attack, the officials said Islamic Jihad, a fundamentalist group opposed to an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, was responsible.  

Barak's security cabinet is due to meet again Thursday night after failing to make any decisions overnight following the Hadera attack, said AFP - (Several Sources) 






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