Aspen Optics Speeds Up Channel Expansion to Realize FTEH (Fiber to Every Home)

Published July 14th, 2008 - 05:53 GMT

Aspen Optics Speeds Up Channel Expansion to Realize FTEH (Fiber to Every Home)


Contrary to most people believe, the majority of fiber networks in many countries are constructed by public utilities, not telecom operators. This reflects a commitment to achieve fiber connection to every home and understanding that optical broadband is becoming a basic necessity just as water and electricity for our daily life. Dedicated to the fiber network advancement in the international market, Aspen Optics announces today it will seek further channel expansion to realize FTEH (Fiber to Every Home).


FETH (Fiber to Every Home) by 2010 as a standard for all new construction in many developed countries is a proposition first projected and recently announced by Aspen Optics. The broadband industry is currently implementing FTTx (Fiber to the x) in various forms such as FTTB (Fiber to the Building), FTTC (Fiber to the Curb), FTTO (Fiber to the Office), FTTP (Fiber to the Premise), FTTH (Fiber to the Home). FTEH is presently an objective supported by governments in countries and cities like Vienna, Amsterdam, Singapore and Australia, just to name a few, and is already considered as basic an amenity as water and electricity supply for new property construction by leading developers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi today. Not just FTTP (Fiber to the Premise) that is popular today, FTEP (Fiber to Every Premise) is the norm tomorrow, according to Aspen Optics.


“The distribution network of Aspen Optics is growing fast and has already covered the whole Africa and The Middle East regions. In USA and Asia-Pacific, a lot of business opportunities are anticipated by our distributors there. In Europe and India, we are aggressively expanding new channels, while in Hong Kong, we serve our telecom customers directly. MetroBlazer™ and Geebic are some of the popular brands we carry now with global distribution well underway,” said Mr. David Whitney, Managing Director of Aspen Optics.


Catering to the needs of global telecom operators, ISP and network system integrators, Aspen Optics product line includes MetroBlazer™ distribution switches, CPE switches, concentrators and media converters as well as Geebic branded SFP, GBIC, Xenpak, XFP  and other next generation optical transceivers like X2 for 10GE networks.


“Many FTTH networks in the market are implemented by public utilities, not telecom operators. This creates an exciting opportunity and also a challenge for our distribution partners” said Albert Chan, Marketing Director of Aspen Optics.  


Next generation fiber networks will revolutionize the way people consume broadband, becoming a basic part of daily life and business. In contrast to broadband transmission through copper lines used since the last century, there is virtually no limitation in speed for a fiber network to support any bandwidth-heavy applications imaginable today. Optical broadband is now enhancing the operation of many industries including banking, TV broadcasting, health care, etc. 


Korea, Japan and Hong Kong, where Aspen Optics is based, are ranking as the top three economies in FTTH penetration in the world. Emerging markets like Africa and The Middle East with relatively less heritage networks to consider will enjoy much easier fiber network installation than many other developed countries. Currently, Korean Telecom in South Korea, NTT in Japan, AT&T in USA, France Telecom, Deutsche Telekom and Telefónica in Europe, Etisalat in The Middle East are some of the leading operators heading up the promotion of fiber networks in the residential and enterprise markets.  Jönköping Energi in Sweden, DONG Energy in Denmark, Wien Energie Wienstrom in Austria, Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant, Lafayette Utilities System, Jackson Energy Authority, Pulaski Electric System, Bristol Virginia Utilities in the USA, are some of the forerunners in the utilities sectors supporting FTTH.


Aspen Optics ( ) is one of the pioneers of fiber connectivity products offering clients high quality, carrier-class tested products benefiting from its significant investment in an in-house interoperability testing facility. Today, many of the most prominent telecoms and world class enterprises rely on the performance and reliability of Aspen Optics products in their mission critical networks.


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